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At Sunshine Plumbing & Backflow Prevention, Inc. we believe that quality customer service speaks for itself. We could brag about how many years of plumbing experience we have. We could tell you that our licensed technicians are the best in the business and complete hours and hours of additional training to keep their skills sharp and up to date. We could go on and on about our 5-star online review ratings, or even our 99% customer retention rate, but we'd rather show you why people keep coming back to us. How can you become part of the Sunshine Plumbing family? It's easy! Call our office at 225-262-2322 Text us at 225-800-4658 Email us at or even Message us on Facebook on our Facebook logo.

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"Excellent Company! They can solve ANY plumbing problem and they stand behind their work!"

Stefanie F.

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